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What made me just outright giggle at the absurdity of it all is reading about these bunkers in particular: and seeing that their plan to keep the Unwashed Masses from intruding on them during the apocalypse is armed guards up on the ground patrolling the perimeter, which just illustrates the mindset of these people, they think they can buy anything, including the idea that people will voluntarily stick around and defend them once society collapses.


I went to that link and looked at the pictures and like….they don’t post the location of that bunker but.

I think I know where it is.

I’ve been north of Witchita Kansas, which is where they say it is, and I Recognize That Landscape, y’all.

Also, the Mr. Is a professional welder.

So like. Uh. Well.

Sure would be terrible if someone saw this and felt motivated to break a law or two

Sure would be terrible if word got out that it was at 39.4118°N, 97.6803°W, about two hours north of Wichita just west of route 81

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